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About Us

About Us

WELCOME to Berry Hill Limited
Since 1946 Berry Hill Limited (our friends' just say "Berry-Hill") has been serving customers through our Mail Order and Retail Sales across Canada and around the world. From our roots as an incubator sales company to the present day we have evolved into a well known source for many different and unique 'Country Living Products.' As a family owned business for over 60 years, we hold family values high in our approach to customer service and sales. We would never sell anything that we wouldn't buy for ourselves. This philosophy keeps our standards of both customer service and product quality at the highest levels. Just ask some of our customers, they may be your neighbors! While we specialize in products for "Country Living", our product line is very diverse and always expanding, it is our constant goal to offer products that are unique, hard to find and high quality. Please be sure to check back often, we will be offering new products and services on a regular basis.
Our mission: “To provide our customers the best service and value possible, to treat our customers like friends and neighbors and build long term relationships that will stand the test of time, just like the products we sell.”

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