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Pasture Mealworm & Insect Grain Mix - 1.2kg

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Pasture Mix Mealworm & Insect Grain Mix - 1.2kg

We know that your birds are part of the family and that you want to offer them the best. That's why we developed a high quality healthy treat that gives your pets everything they need.

Rich in protein, good fats, fiber and calcium, the recipe for the insect and grain mix 3 lbs format is optimized for your birds so that they have:

  • Better digestion
  • Better plumage
  • More love to give you 😊

in each bag all these carefully chosen ingredients sourced from Canada:
Dehydrated mealworms, dried black soldier fly larvae, black sunflower
seeds, oats.

Each bag is packed one by one so that you always receive the same amount of insects and grains. We assure you of the consistency and quality of our products.

Produced and processed in Canada

A product that birds love!

No Preservatives | 100% Canadian insects | Natural product

Made in Canada.
3 lb bag, 1.2kg.