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Woodstove-The Cunningham

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Woodstove-The Cunningham
The Cunningham Woodstove comes from the makers of the Bakers Choice and Pioneer Maid Cookstoves. This woodstove is not designed for cooking, only heating. It is an extremely efficient unit. Because of its unique design the Cunningham will provide an even heat throughout your entire house-even the corners. It will take less wood, yet make more heat. There is no electricity required to operate the stove. Finished with porcelain enamel to keep its shine for years and years. To be ULC 5627-M93 approved the stove must have a large firebox, easy ash removal, large fuel door, and every part of the stove is replaceable. (Although it is built to last) PLUS__ it can be installed within 20" of a side or back wall. Ashes are easily removed through the front ash door, the primary combustion chamber is fire brick lined. The Cunningham also has a second combustion chamber for greater efficiency and cleaner exhaust. The Cunningham puts out 75000 BTU`s of heat. Fuel Capacity is 5 cubic feet. Recommended fuel is wood. Lining & Grates are louvers & brick. Body Material is 14 gauge & 10 gauge and 3/16" steel. Fuel door opening is 11.5" x 11.25". Height (including smoke collar pipe) is 35". Weight is 400lbs. Colour choices: Black is standard. The following are available at extra cost. Blue, Brown, Hunter Green. Shipped from St. Thomas, Ontario by truck collect.