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Tattler Re-Usable Canning Lids & Rings, 1 Dozen (12 pcs) Regular

by Tattler
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Re-Usable Canning Lids & Rings, 1 Dozen Regular (12 pcs)

Re-Usable Canning Lids & Rings, 1 Dozen Regular (12 pcs). TATTLER Canning Lid`s proven success, as a reusable product, has earned them the distinction of widespread customer satisfaction and acceptance since their origination in 1976. The years of development of this product have brought to the home canner a jar lid that is truly reusable. In fact, the longevity of TATTLER Canning Lids presents the likelihood they will be handed down to the next generation of food preservation enthusiasts! Properly used, with any standard Mason jar and metal screw band, these reusable lids will last a lifetime. If you ever wear this lid out, we will replace it free! Follow standard directions and procedures, for two piece canning jar lids, with any normal home canning process, and obtain excellent results.  Pint jar size.