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BCS Tractor - 852 Honda Recoil

by BCS
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BCS Tractor 852 Honda Recoil

Like its sister 853 model, the 852 is a larger, more fully-featured version of the 732. The four-speed transmission includes three working speeds in both directions, with third gear being particularly helpful when mowing large areas. Unlike the 853, the fourth gear is strictly a transport speed for front-mount attachments which enables the operator to ride the BCS Mowing Sulky to the job site. This feature is particularly appreciated by those who need to travel a distance before beginning the day’s mowing, such as Christmas tree growers or folks making hay.

Designed to better accommodate larger, heavier attachments, such as the 67” and 71” Dual Action Sickle Bar Mowers, the 32” Brush Mower, and 35” Flail Mower, the 852 includes an individual brake for each wheel, making it easier to turn and maneuver. To power larger attachments, the engine size is increased to Honda’s GX390 (13HP) engine. And, with a longer transmission, the standard tire size for the 749 is increased to 22” in diameter; a real plus when navigating uneven terrain and straddling raised beds.

Like all Professional Series models, the 852 features the ease and convenience of Differential Drive. When traction to the wheels is needed, a flip of the lever locks out the differential feature and provides positive pulling/pushing power to both wheels.

Add to these features -- a shuttle-style forward/reverse, BCS’s advanced handlebar system with instant access to seven vertical and three horizontal positions, and optional electric start – it’s easy to see why the Model 852 is so popular with customers needing the additional benefit of a transport speed for front-mount attachments.

Attachment shown in photo NOT included*