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All American Pressure Cooker / Canner - AA921

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All American Pressure Cooker-AA921

Since 1930 All American pressure cookers have offered the best method for home canning. It is the safest way to can meat, fish, poultry and all common fruits and vegetables. Pressure cooking is also an excellent way to turn an inexpensive, tough meat cut into juicy tender cuts in a short time. These exclusive features have made "All American" the preferred canner/cooker for three generations.

Features 1) Easy to read geared steam gauge, 2) Professional heavy duty aluminum throughout, 3) Smooth easy to clean permo-finish, 4) Automatic excess pressure release, 5) Heavy duty bakelite top handle, 6) Safety control valve, 7) Sturdy, easy-grip handles, 8) Easy on-off cover, 9) Positive action clamping wing nuts permit easy opening and closing, 10) Exclusive Metal to Metal seal. No gaskets to crack , burn, replace or clean. Extra margin of safety with automatic vent feature, 11) Double thickness edges for additional protection on the points of heaviest wear, 12) Complete with instruction and recipe book and one cooking/canning rack.

Canning capacity 19 pints or 7 quart jars. Liquid capacity 21.0 quarts. No side handle.


Capacity - 21 1/2 Quarts (Liquid), 19 Pint Jars, 7 Quart Jars
Inside diameter - 12 5/8 inches
Inside Height - 10 1/2 inches
Overall Length - 15 inches
Overall Height - 16 inches
*Jar capacities are based on round regular mouth standard mason jar sizes.
Made in the U.S.A.
1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Not recommended for use with glass stovetops.

*Shipping Surcharge may apply* You will be contacted prior to shipping for approval. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Number 1 in Canada!

First of all berry hill is the only place pretty much in Canada to hold stock and have a great price on the All American Canner. And all the stock parts as well! The canner is the best meat canner on the market and I recommend it to any hunter family that likes to preserve their food and eat healthy! Meat , fish , sauces are simply and safe to can and if your power goes out or there is some emergency that shuts your freezer down all that meat and fish canned wont spoil and it’s ready to eat. Canned food is great camping food as it requires no ice or fridge, great emergency food and helpful for the fast prep the “I gotta throw s#it together quick” fast meal type.. if you can pasta sauce with cooked meat… all you got to do is boil some noodles heat a can up and serve and that helps in a tight time crunch with hungry kids or surprise company that shows up! And nothing feels better than showing off a vast stocked pantry full of great healthy food and is a great conversation piece and inspiring fun addictive hobby with great reward! Thank god berry hill stocks this product because they have a customer for life with me now! What a great price!!!

Best price and great store

Haven't used the pressure cooker yet but it’s an all American so I am sure it’s fantastic. Berry Hill has lots of stuff for canning, dehydrating and freeze drying with good prices and great customer support.

Francine Bérubé
Customer review

Take time to arrive but it is in excellent condition and work well

Lee DeLong
Can't wait to use

Arrived safe & sound in 3 business days. Awaiting a bulk purchase of beets to pickle