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BCS Utility Trailer

by BCS
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BCS Utility Trailer

Haul and ride with the BCS Utility Trailer! With 1100-lb capacity, this heavy-duty trailer includes a padded seat along with foot and parking brakes and a removable tailgate. An easy-to-use dump feature also allows owners to get rid of their haul smoothly and effectively.

The Utility Trailer attaches when the tractor's handlebars are set in the rear-mount setting only. A Curved Coupler is required to mount the Utility Trailer for easy attachment and removal. The Curved Coupler's design keeps the tractor level and the tiller tines out of the ground while the trailer is attached, which means you can leave your tilller attachment connected while operating the Utility Trailer. Shift into the transport speed, and the trailer will serve double duty as a great runabout!

Due to the 33'' Rear-Tine Tiller's large size, it cannot be mounted when the Utility Trailer is installed on model 750.

Note 1: The Utility Trailer is intended for haulage and transport applications only. No implements can be operated while the Utility Trailer is mounted!

Note 2: BCS Tracks can not be used with the Utility Trailer, since the Tracks occupy the same hitch of the tractor where the Trailer would mount via the Curved Coupler.

Required Accessory: Curved Coupler