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EarthWay High Wheel Cultivator

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Earthway High Wheel Cultivator


Save money and time working in your garden with the EarthWay® 6500 High Wheel Cultivator! Ideal
for a multitude of garden jobs, from light plowing and hilling to
furrowing, and cultivating the 6500 is a very versatile tool. Handles
and framing constructed of heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel for
long life. The 24-inch steel wheel makes operating the cultivator
through the soil effortlessly and quicker than comparable models. The
3-Position adjustable height handle and tool bar depth makes the 6500
and easy fit to individual needs.

Please note: The 6500 is not intended for use as a groundbreaking tool. It requires soil that has been plowed or tilled.


  • 3-Position height adjustable handle– for hours of comfortable use
  • Heavy-duty powder coated tubular steel frame
  • Easy change tool bar for quick tool installation
  • Large 24" steel wheel - easy handling in deep soil or rough terrain
  • Includes: NEW Adjustable 5-Tine Cultivator, Moldboard Plow, and Twin End Furrow Plow
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty

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