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Egg turner - Racks Only - Goose/Duck 5 pack

by GQF Mfg
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Egg turner-Goose Rack - Set of 5
Replacement egg racks for Goose and Duck for use in the 1611 or 1610 Hovabator turners. Each turner will fit up to 5 racks. This is a set of 5 racks. Sets 19 eggs. Single racks are available, see item 1698S

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Mcfadden
Customer review

I was excited when I saw these. Ive been trying to find a good way to incubate my goose eggs that saves time over hand turning.
My turners are older and work great but the plastic racks have slowly been breaking. Thought a few goose racks would fill in the gaps.
Hovabator seems to have changed their style a bit and these will not swap out easily with older turners.
There is a special arm pictured in the instructions and on the website that needs to come with the racks for them to work with the turners.... that are no longer supplied with the racks.
Berry Hill was quick to track some down and send them to me overnight, very happy for that! The racks were useless otherwise. When using the racks I found the goose eggs hit the fan and thermostat in the middle 2 rows so needed to remove those eggs.
I ended up putting the turner into a larger homemade incubator so I could use all the spaces.

Cyril Sanderson

we have not used it yet.