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Featherman Picker - Gamebird

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Featherman Picker- Quail
Featherman Picker: Gamebird / Quail.

Identical to the Featherman PRO except the Gamebird is packed with 239
fingers spaced tightly together to pluck even the smallest birds. Quail,
dove, and squab all pick beautifully with the Featherman Gamebird. The
soft fingers are gentler on smaller, thin-skinned and gun-shot birds.
Great for chickens and turkeys too. For birds 1 to 50 pounds.

If you are processing quail, dove, or
squab, this plucker is for you! The Featherman Gamebird Plucker is a
must have piece of equipment for every small gamebird hunter/processor
saving both time and energy while maximizing your profits. Our equipment
is durable and built to last, even with extremely high use. This
plucker De-feathers 1-50 lbs of quail, dove, squab, pheasant, chicken or
turkey in less than 1 minute!

Gamebird Plucker Features:

  • 239 tightly packed ultra-soft fingers to delicately remove feathers from thin-skinned gun-shot birds
  • Assembled in USA. Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • 1 yr warranty on all parts.
  • Tub & housing is high density, UV-resistant, food grade molded plastic.
  • The 1 HP motor along with direct drive speed reducer offers the perfect power to process 1-50 pounds of poultry at a time.

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