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Hand Pump Model 11HD-Deep Well

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Hand Pump Model 11HD-Deep Well

Deep Well Hand Pump Model 11HD is the most popular of all hand pumps available. An excellent hand pump for all types of uses. The sealed packing in the pump allows for clean and safe drinking water to pumped from your well. The 11HD is equipped to be used with a windmill for automated pumping capabilities, can also be used with a pump jack (motorized operation) or simply by hand. The 11HD comes equipped with a syphon spout. This means that you cannot shut off the flow of water from the spout of the pump to divert it to another location. If you require this capability consider the 12HD pump. All pumps require a cylinder and pump rod-the mechanical connection between the pump and the cylinder which forces the water from the cylinder to the top of the pump. This can be purchased separately, these are supplied in 7` lengths and comes complete with couplings. You will also need an equal amount of 1 1/4" pipe. This pipe is the water supply line between the cylinder and the handpump. Please see "Handpump Accessories" subcategory (above on previous page) for pump parts and accessories. All pumps come complete with installation instructions.

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