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Hanging Halogen Infrared Brooder Lamp w/bulb

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Hanging Halogen Infrared Brooder Lamp

Hanging Halogen Infrared Brooding Lamp is a new heating way that will completely revolutionize your habit. Tests made in laboratory conditions have proven a long life time for the halogen infrared bulbs. Able to withstand strong water projections and very shock resistant. A high biological effected lamp, which has ultimate abilities in thermal efficiency and hypodermic saturation on organic bodies which enables heat diffusion into whole body by high blood circulation. The luminous intensity and the created heating conditions are stable over time and are efficient during the life of the bulb. Furthermore, the heated area is larger with halogen infrared heating than with the traditional heating systems, and the optimal temperature is achieved faster. This can minimize loss of livestock. Because they are compact and light, production costs, maintenance, labor and equipment are highly reduced! Ideal for different kinds of livestock; piglets, poultry, rabbits, lambs, etc. For halogen infrared bulbs from 175 W or 250 W. Ideal for piglets, lambs, poultry, etc. High/low switch for power regulation. Aluminum structure. UL/CSA approved. Conforms to CE norms.

Comes complete with one 250w bulb