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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - Industrial Oil Vacuum Pump

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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump

Technical Specifications

CFM: 7
Motor: ¾ HP
Voltage: Standard, 110v, 60Hz
Intake Port: 1 1/16 JIC flare
Dimensions: 16.3″ x 6″ x 12.1″
Weight: 32lbs
Noise: 52 decibels
Product Comparison
Premier Oil Pump vs Standard Oil Pump

Oil Changes
This new Premier Pump rarely needs to have the oil changed or filtered. The
pump has a gas ballast feature that makes it so water does not stay in
the oil. Because of this, the oil in the pump will be pristine and
clear, even after 30 or more batches. You simply won’t need to change
the oil until you have run 20 or more batches. Whereas, the oil in the
Standard Vacuum Pump needs to be changed and filtered every 4 or 5
batches (when using the new 3/8 inch vacuum hose).

Vacuum Pressure
Under cold and hot conditions the Premier Pump will pull a deeper vacuum than
the Standard Pump. Under cold conditions the difference is .05 Pascal
for the Premier Pump and .08 Pascal for the Standard Pump. Whereas,
under warm conditions the difference is much greater: .05 Pascal for the
Premier Pump and 2.05 Pascal for the Standard Pump.

Hence, the Premier Pump is especially not affected by warm, ambient conditions.
When temperatures rise, it will pull a vacuum far better than the Standard Pump. The Premier Pump is just not affected by outside heat. It pulls the same deep vacuum even when it is in a warm environment.

The Premier Pump is substantially quieter than the Standard Pump, 52
decibels versus 64 decibels. The Industrial Pump at 52 decibels is about
the same as a refrigerator.

Oil Mist Filter
Both pumps come with an oil mist filter. However, the Premier Pump’s oil
mist filter allows for no oil spray at all and it will last much longer.

Power Use
The Premier Pump uses less power than the Standard Pump (187 watts versus 218 watts).

Under hot conditions at ultimate vacuum pressure the Standard Pump pulls 2.1
amps while the Premier Pump only pulls 1.7 amps. Hence, the Premier Pump
is more efficient.

The Premier Pump is easier to move around as it weighs 5 pounds less than the Standard Pump (32 lbs. versus 37 lbs.)

The Premier Pump is more durable and will last longer than the Standard Pump.

Why Freeze Dry?

Preserve your garden produce, create the perfect emergency food supply, make camping

meals and healthy snacks. Unlike other methods of food preservation, freeze
drying does not shrink or toughen the food, and retains flavor, color, and



Harvest Right freeze dryers produce food that looks and tastes better than store-bought
freeze dried food. Experience the Harvest Right difference!


Shelf Life

Refrigerated, frozen, and canned food just don’t last very long. Freeze dried food will last
up to 25 years and does not need to be to be rotated like other foods. Freeze
dried food is perfect for home storage.



Freeze drying maintains 97% of the nutritional value of the food. Other methods of
preservation, such as canning and dehydrating, use high temperatures that
destroy much of the food value.



Freeze drying works great for fruits and vegetables, but unlike other options, it also
perfectly preserves meat, fish, dairy, eggs, ice cream, and even fully-cooked



If you can press a button, you can freeze dry! Simply press start on the touch screen, and
the patented Smart Freeze© technology senses when it’s done. Everything is



Not only will the food you freeze dry at home look and taste better than store-bought
freeze-dried food, it’s much less expensive! Freeze dry all of your leftover
meals, and you’ll save even more money.


Compare to other methods of food preservation!


Freeze Dried Food; up to 25 years

Dehydrated Food: up to 4 years

Canned Food: up to 3 years

Frozen Food: up to 2 years