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Incubator - TFan Hovabator with Quail/Chicken Turner & Thermo/Hygro

by GQF Mfg
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TurboFan Hovabator Incubator with Quail & Chicken Turner

TurboFan Hovabator Incubator. Holds 70 large chicken eggs, 150 quail, 85 pheasant or chukar, 40 turkey or duck, 25 goose eggs. (Capacity reduced when used with automatic turners -see related accessories below). The 2362 model Hova-Bator comes complete with a fan unit for air circulation. This helps overcome the problem of different temperatures for different size eggs, reduces the need for close supervision when room temperatures fluctuate, and increases fresh air circulation when hatching a large number of eggs. 12 volt complete with transformer, 25 watt, complete with thermometer, thermostat, operating instructions. Made of rigid styrofoam. Canadian Electrical APPROVED.

Kit includes 1610 quail & chicken turner and 3261732 Thermometer/Hygrometer

It is HIGHLY recommended that you plug your incubator into a surge suppressor type of power supply. Power surges are often the cause of incubator failures.

You may also want to consider ordering an egg candler to monitor the growth inside the developing eggs:Egg Candlers

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Booth-Schlievert

Love it! Easy to use and no problems so far!

germain Roussel
very adequate

please with the item and the prompt delivery.