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Incubator - TurboFan Hovabator with Chicken Turner & Thermo/Hygro

by GQF Mfg
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TurboFan Hovabator Incubator

TurboFan Hovabator Incubator. Holds 70 large chicken eggs, 150 quail, 85 pheasant or chukar, 40 turkey or duck, 25 goose eggs. (Capacity reduced when used with automatic turners -see related accessories below). The 2362 model Hova-Bator comes complete with a fan unit for air circulation. This helps overcome the problem of different temperatures for different size eggs, reduces the need for close supervision when room temperatures fluctuate, and increases fresh air circulation when hatching a large number of eggs. 12 volt complete with transformer, 25 watt, complete with thermometer, thermostat, operating instructions. Made of rigid styrofoam. Canadian Electrical APPROVED.

Kit includes 1611 turner and 3261732 Thermometer/Hygrometer

It is HIGHLY recommended that you plug your incubator into a surge suppressor type of power supply. Power surges are often the cause of incubator failures.

You may also consider ordering an egg candler to monitor the growth inside the developing eggs:
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

I'm very pleased with this incubator/turner combo. Once the thermostat is set up it holds the temperature very accurately. The humidity was a bit trickier as I had to use a lot more water than the institutions specified even though I was using it during very humid weather. The included thermometer-hygrometer was a big help. I got an 87% hatch rate using my own chicken eggs. The only improvement for me would be if it had a plastic shell to protect the styrofoam base to increase its longevity. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone starting out in the hatching game.


The only issues I had with this incubator were related to humidity. It is recommended to start by filling two narrow channels. All starts fine as the eggs generate a bit of humidity themselves but the humidity dropped quickly after the first day and there's no easy way to add water without opening the incubator. If you have any thicker shelled breeds (i.e. Marans) to hatch, this is critical. Plus, the humidity vents out through four corners of the base. As a result, wood or moisture sensitive surfaces will be damaged.

Carey Di donato
Incubator-TurboFan Hovabator

Difficult to get to correct temp with key instead of digital display. My fault I should have read the description better. But would not recommend for this reason

Laurie Colp
Arrived quickly

Excellent packaging. Have first batch of eggs in now. Fingers crossed

Great product

What caught my eye with this product was everything required for a successful hatch was included. Next was the price and free shipping. I couldn’t go wrong. I planned on the shipping taking a long time (I live in BC) and it came three weeks before I thought it would! What a bonus! Next was the real test. The set up and how the unit operated. The instructions were simple and straight forward, the egg turner was silent, and the incubator has a soft hum from the fan. The temperature, once the unit ran for a few hours, kept constant. Overall an excellent product, and wonderful experience ordering from Berry Hill.