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Kramer Sculpture - Mentor 14

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Kramer Sculpture - Mentor 14
Kramer Sculpture-Mentor-14". " WHEN NO ONE NOTICED YOU SAW ME STRUGGLING. YOU COULD HAVE PASSED BUT DIDN`T: YOUR THINKING AND YOUR SMILES CONVINCED ME TO EXCEL. YOUR STEADFAST FAITH IN ME COMPELLED ME TO SUCCEED. AND IF BY CHANCE I DIDN`T YOU`D STILL BE THERE FOR ME. IT IS GOOD TO HAVE SOME ONE LIKE YOU". Each sculpture comes with it`s own poem and a certificate of authenticity. Forged completely by hand using both ancient and modern forging methods, each Kramer Sculpture is it`s own original piece of art. With a price range from less than $200.00 to several thousand dollars for custom pieces these sculptures are renowned worldwide. Many pieces are coveted by celebrities, heads of state as well as ordinary people. They make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions and other personal occasions. All pieces are made of hand forged steel.