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Quail Breeding Pen

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Quail Breeding Pen
Quail Breeding Pen. These new and improved compact breeding pens have been scientifically designed and proven positive results. Each section is a compact 10" x 24" and is adequate for up to 2 pair of Bobwhite or one cock and three hens. The latest improvement is the use of rubber coated wire. This wire is easier on the birds’ feet, allows the pens to withstand repeated cleaning with cage washers, power washers, or just a garden hose, and increases durability. These pens have a large feed trough with a water trough on the back for easy filling and may be equipped with an automatic watering system. Correct slope of the floor permits eggs to roll out under feed trough for production of cleaner eggs with less damage and easier gathering. Intended for use with Bobwhite and Cortunix size birds. Galvanized steel section walls can be removed for colony breeding. Drop Pan, item 0317, and stand, item 0316, sold separately.
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