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Radiant Brooder-Quartz Ray Brooder-18

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Radiant Brooder-Quartz Ray Brooder-18
Radiant Brroder-Quartz Ray Brooder 18. 500 watt Quartz Ray Brooder. Overall length: 18" x 13" long. 120 volts, 500 watts. 4.18 amp. Your first step to energy efficiency and savings for years to come. Specific Quartz-Ray Advantages: 1) Savings. Backed by over three decades of research and development, Quartz-Ray electric infra-red heating systems mean energy savings for you year after year. A custom-tailored Quartz-Ray installation can meet your heating need for new construction, or can be retrofitted for existing facilities - in either case producing a clean, even heat at lower thermostat settings. 2) Comfort: Quartz-Ray electric heaters quietly focus energy efficient infra-red rays on the floor area, thus maintaining the required comfort levels for your people and your work-in-progress while at the same time lowering the temperature at the ceiling. Traditional hot air heating wastes energy by continuously forcing the warm air downward only to have it rise once again to the ceiling where it is not needed. 3) Control: Many indoor locations need "zone heating". This includes work stations near frequently opened loading doors and areas in your buildings where only a few people operate within a large facility. A custom-tailored Quartz-Ray heating system designed for your particular needs means heat when you want it and where you need it! 4) Condensation: Quartz-Ray heating systems eliminate potential corrosion problems with any stored steel products by keeping temperatures above the `dew point`. 5) Noise: Since there are no fans, blowers or moving parts, Quartz-Ray heating systems reduce overall workplace noise levels. 6) Ease of Installation: Special features built into every Quartz-Ray electric infra-red heater mean ease of installation in new construction or refit. Safe, modern, economical, easy to install, proven and efficient. Three major areas where Quartz-Ray electric heaters can economically solve the challenge of efficient heating: 1) Industrial / Commercial: Many applications exist in factories, warehouses and commercial buildings of all types for Quartz-Ray infra-red heaters. Some facilities have `cold spots` that can be economically heated to provide the ultimate in employee and customer comfort. In many instances the cost of heating large open expanses of floor area can be dramatically reduced through the strategic placement of infra-red heaters to provide `zone heating` where and when required. 2) Agricultural Applications: Typical of most agricultural applications, brooder operations require stringent controls on the atmospheric conditions, including precise temperature requirements which change several times during the six week growing cycle. These include the need for accurate humidity levels and more importantly, a requirement for a controlled pattern of air movement. As a result, Quartz-Ray electric infra-red heaters have been specified as the sole source of heat energy at new and retrofitted brooder operations from coast to coast. Energy savings of up to 50% mean greater profits for your farm operation. 3) Churches: In churches, particularly in rural communities where heat is required for a short time, or twice a week, infra-red radiant heat can really slash heating costs and save high furnace costs. Rather than starting up a furnace well in advance of the service, Quartz-Ray infra-red electric heaters provide comfortable warmth for the congregation in literally minutes. Without question, it is the most economical form of heat for rural churches - and no extra installation is required.