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Squirrel Baffle - 4 x 4 Post Mount

by Erva
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4 x 4 Post Mount Squirrel Baffle

4 x 4 Post Mount Squirrel Baffle - Wraparound break-apartsquirrel baffle with a tan color, for a standard 4x4 post (3-5/8" x 3-5/8"). 22-1/2" in diameter. To keep squirrels from getting onto your bird feeder, place your post-mounted feeders 8-10' away from railings, roofs or trees. Squirrel baffles should be a minimum of 4' from the ground to protect the bird feeder. To close your baffle, slide the left tab into the right slot until they snap together. Corrosion resistant screws are provided to attach the baffle to your post.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Squirrel Baffle That REALLY Works

FANTASTIC!!! Finally found a Squirrel Baffle that really works.
Instead of watching in frustration as the nasty little brats steal all the bird feed - we have enjoyment an laughs watching them try to get up onto the feeder and simple can't, no matter how hard they try. I felt sorry for one little fella who tried for over an hour without success. At least they still get some seeds the birds drop or toss out so don't feel too terrible. I HIGHLY recommend this baffle. Superior Quality Material at a very reasonable price. Thank you Berry Hill for a great product and terrific service.

Kim Merrin

Great price and does the trick

Max McLaughlin
Perfectly baffling

I need all the help I can get to outwit squirrels. This baffle helps me feel superior to the cunning little critters. Many thanks.

Wanda Sherratt
So far, working beautifully!

We moved our bird feeder from the back deck to a post in the middle of the garden, so knowing how clever and persistent the squirrels are, I bought this pole-mounted metal baffle to keep them away. It took a bit of muscle to latch shut the baffle around the post - not so easy doing it in the sun on top of a ladder, but I eventually wrangled it into place, and now the feeder is protected. I haven't seen one squirrel make it past the baffle, and am hoping that the days of messy, spilled seeds attracting less desirable rodents is a thing of the past.

Doug Watling
As advertised!

Quality baffle. Easy to install, although posts ever-so-slightly larger than 4” will take some finagling. Very effective at keeping squirrels and chipmunks off our feeder. Would buy another.