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Squirrel Buster-Plus

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Squirrel Buster-Plus
The Squirrel Buster keeps red, gray and brown squirrels out of your feeder! Grackles, Starlings and pigeons can't use it either! Easy to clean? You bet! Just place it in the dishwasher. Its dishwasher safe! In 2002 it was awarded the �Best New Product� award at the Birdwatch America show. Here's how it works; Openings in the shroud (the bottom part) line up with the seed ports so the birds can eat. But squirrels are too heavy, their weight pulls the shroud down and closes the ports. The same thing happens to big birds like grackles. The Squirrel Buster does not harm these big birds or squirrels. UV-stabilized ABS and polycarbonate resins, rust-proof / powder-coated aluminum and stainless steel components.