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The Amazing Wheat Book

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The Amazing Wheat Book
The Amazing Wheat Book is the only up to date guide on getting the most out of your stored wheat. Bulk food storage and low cost meals in times of catastrophe, natural disaster, or just economic hard times has always been important. LeArta makes it easy with delicious heart healthy and wholesome recipes on milling, baking bread, gluten (wheat meat), crackers, breakfast cereals, meatballs,soups, seasonings, and even good for you treats! Contains helpful information on: Milling wheat, nutritional values of wheat, storing and preserving wheat and flour, extracting the starch and bran and much more. Vegetarians will love our alternatives to meats, LeArta shows you how to make: Chicken, Steaks, Meatballs, Meatloaf, Sausage, Hamburgers, an many more ALL OUT OF WHEAT!