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Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder 22 OZ

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Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder 22 OZ
The Perky-Pet Top-Fill Glass Oriole Feeder is the ideal feeder choice for oriole lovers.The wide-mouth opening and Top-Fill design ensure that filling is always easy and mess-free! Simply remove the lid and pour 22 oz of nectar into the wide-mouth opening to get your feeder up and running –there’s no need to invert the bottle! The feeder is also easy to clean because it can be completely disassembled, including the ports and perches, ensuring that you can access every nook and cranny. While you enjoy time saved from filling and cleaning, your orioles won’t be able to resist the feeder’s bright orange accents and long perches which are perfect for accommodating their large size. Plus, with five stations, multiple oriole can easily be accommodated at the same time. This feeder also includes an optional jelly cup and orange spike which can be attached to the ports as desired. This allows you to serve up three offerings in one feeder at the same time- nectar, jelly, and orange slices! For your convenience, this feeder also comes complete with a gasket in the base, creating a nice tight seal to prevent any frustrating leakage.