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Windmill & Tower-complete

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Windmill and Tower-complete

Windmill & Tower complete.
Sizes available from 6'x21' to 16'x47'

These windmills come complete with a tower and windmill head. If you have a tower and require just the windmill head, it is available. Please call or email to inquire.

Includes Wheel, Mast and Furling Apparatus, Tower and Platform. This unit comes complete with all the necessary parts to mount to tower. Manufactured by one of America's oldest manufacturers the Aermotor Windmill company. The windmills resemble the old windmills still seen standing in the fields and yards of farmsteads across North America. This windmill is built to stand a lifetime and more. Precision tooling using CNC cutting technology have made the new Aermotor windmill the industry standard. With millions having been produced and sold around the world, the Aermotor windmill is an engineering triumph. Under the harshest conditions it will pump 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year in and year out. All it asks is very infrequent lubrication, in many cases just once a year. These are real-world working windmills, but they are often used for decorative purposes as well. How great would it be to have a real windmill spinning in the wind in your front yard? The Aermotor windmill is manufactured completely in the USA and is backed by a 7 year factory warranty, the best in the business.

For more information on windmills, pumps and everything you need to make a complete self sufficient water system please see the pdf file located below named 'Complete Windmill & Pump Information'.

Shipping is F.O.B. factory. Shipping Cost will be quoted on request.

Complete Windmill & Pump Information

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