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Yardbird Picker / Plucker - Chickens

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Yardbird Picker / Plucker - Chickens

The Yardbird Chicken Plucker is an affordable alternative to the heavy duty Featherman plucker. The Yardbird Chicken Plucker takes the hassle out of back-yard chicken processing. Fully defeathering a bird in 15 seconds or less, the Yardbird Plucker revolutionizes what is typically the most painstaking and messy chore of processing a chicken which can take up to 30 minutes plucking by hand.  Equipped with wheels making it easy and lightweight to transport, Powerful and compact, easy to clean. 1.50 HP Motor. Self contained garden hose hookup to flush the feathers through and clean the bird as it feathers are removed.  Consists of 85 of 3 1/2" fingers and 13 short bottom perimeter fingers.

The Yardbird can handle up to two eight pound birds at the same time.


This product is covered by a 1 year factory warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Disappointing waste of $1000

Bought one last year, our birds were smaller so thought that was the issue. Bigger birds this year but same issues. Breaks the skin, breaks up the wings. Ended up plucking by hand so the birds don’t get mangled. Very disappointing. Now gotta get rid of it and not even a year old

Sharon, We're sorry to hear you've had trouble with the Yardbird plucker. We use it ourselves quite successfully. Problems can occur when birds are either over or under scalded. We recommend you check the temperature and time that you are scalding your birds. Also the amount of time in the plucker itself.

ian robinson
Yardbird picker/ plucker

Doing a small mobile processing business with this plucker … arrived in perfect shape and Ont time will deal with this company again

Robert D Burke

The picker arrived when predicted. There was a small amount of damage to the box and packaging, which suggested the box had been dropped. There were a couple of dents in the tub and the motor housing, but it assembled without difficulty. So far it looks good and seems to be well built. I will have to wait until we have birds ready before I can provide a full review.

Rex Day
Customer review

Recieved chicken plucker today. Haven't tried it yet. Service was great and fast shipping

gwen lapell

had a few minor dents in it but was here really fast, quite pleased