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5-Piece Metal Maple Syrup Kit

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5-Piece Metal Maple Syrup Kit

Our maple syrup kits have everything you need to start tapping those trees!

5-piece kit Includes:
  • 5 x Aluminum Sap Bucket (AB1)
  • 5 x Bucket Covers (ABC1)
  • 5 x Aluminum Spiles (7/16") (ACAS1)
  • 1 x Orlon Filter (FILCO5)
  • 1 x Cone Paper Filter (AF1)
  • 1 x Hydrometer & Float Cup Combo (17284300)
  • 1 x Making Maple Syrup Book (A-51)

NOTE: A shipping surcharge will apply to ALL maple syrup kits*
Please note:  These metal sap buckets are no longer manufactured.  They are USED.  They come to us in large numbers straight from their previous lives working for large Maple Syrup producers.  Some have dents, some need to be cleaned.  We sell thousands of them.  Please expect that you may need to clean some, and you may need to bang out the odd dent.