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Canning Scoop

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Canning Scoop

Get the Scoop! This
innovative new kitchen tool from Progressive was created specifically to make
the canning process easier. The curved front and sides make the Canning Scoop
better than a ladle, allowing for easy access to tough spaces like the bottoms
and corners of stock pots, getting every last bit of jam out of the pot. This
Canning Scoop also features a large capacity bowl; filling an entire ½ pint jar
in a single scoop. What a time saver! The Scoop’s bowl features a double pour
spout, making the transfer of food from stock pot to canning jar easy and mess
free for both right and left handed users. A built in clip, located at the base
of the handle, keeps the Canning Scoop from slipping into the pot.


  • Scoop is heat resistant to 400˚F (204˚C)
  • One scoop fills a half pint jar 
  • Loop at handle base hooks onto pot rim
  •  Dishwasher safe 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Straight sided pot

The scoop is a good design and well made. My canning pot has a lip (rolled, flared out edge) so the scoop wont hang on the side, but not a big deal.

Anna Maria
Perfect for canning

Good size of scoop, and it doesn't when you pour. Perfect for canning!

Linda Giddens

This appears to have a weighted handle that fits nicely in my hand.