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Chick & Quail Brooder

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Chick & Quail Brooder
Chick & Quail Brooder. Organize Your Production So You Can Raise More Birds With Less Effort. Brood baby chicks, quail or other species to four or five weeks old. Galvanized steel construction. As large as any box brooder you can buy. Poly feeder and poly drinker included. 42" long x 27" wide x 10" high. Top opening is 27" x 42". The entire top is removable in two sections. Sliding door panels for side and front are made of 1/2" x 1/2" poly mesh. PVC coated wire mesh floor, 1/2" x 1/2" ( for baby game birds cover floor with paper towel or cage board, do not use newspaper) . Interior eating area of feed trough is 1" x 1" x 27". Trough fills from outside 4" x 27" opening. Holds approximately 7 lbs of feed. Thermostatically controlled. Heater is mounted on stainless steel.
Heater assembly can be easily removed for thorough cleaning of brooder,
pilot light. Heater sold separately for those wishing to construct
their own brooder. Thermostat range is 70-120 degrees F (21-49 degrees
C) in 1-180 degree turn. 170 Watts, 115 Volts. Capacity; 100 poultry chicks to 2nd week, 50 to 4th week. 100 quail, 50 chukkars or pheasant to 4th week, 50 poults to 2nd week 25 poults to 4th week. Please note: A shipping charge may apply, we will notify you and request shipping permission if this applies to your order.

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