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Driveway Alert

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Driveway Alert
The Optex Wireless Driveway Annunciator offers the most in Safety And Convenience! Don`t miss visitors, customers or deliveries! The Optex Wireless Annunciator is easy to install and provides reliable annunciation of visitors or customers. Great for indoor and outdoor use! It provides 24 hour property monitoring. Install it for driveway or doorway coverage, or as a perimeter alert. The Optex Wireless Annunciator is perfect for home or business.
The Optex Wireless 2000 wireless driveway alarm system comes complete with an infrared driveway sensor with a 2000 foot wireless transmission range! Use the Optex RCTD-20U to monitor your driveway and alert you to people or vehicles entering your property. The RCTD-20U can also be used to monitor doorways, garage entrances etc.. The infrared motion sensor has a swivel mount enabling it to be used in multiple types of security and monitoring applications!

The Optex TD20U infrared sensor and wireless transmitter has two settings for the infrared sensor, fan and long range beam. The fan setting is perfect for door and entrance ways or even as a motion sensor mounted the corned of a room. The beam setting will monitor up to 50 feet in front of the sensor making it ideal for wide driveways, parking lots or even as a perimeter sensor for your property.

With multiple chime sounds, volume control, a form "C" relay out and the ability to monitor up to 12 Optex wireless transmitters the RC20 chime receiver is as versatile as the TD20U sensor!