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EarthWay Precision Garden Seeder

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Earthway Precision Garden Seeder

Garden Seeder. Opens soil, spaces and covers seed, marks the next row - all in one simple operation. Precision Garden Seeder saves seed, saves time, saves labour and makes planting easier. Includes 7 seed plates that allow you to plant hemp, sweet corn, radish, leeks, spinach, carrots, lettuce, turnips, beans, small peas, jumbo peas, beets, okra, and swiss char. Helps put fun back in home gardening. Made by Earthway.

Standard seed plates included with the Precision Garden Seeder are 18100 sweet corn, 18101 radish, leeks, spinach, 18102 carrots, lettuce, turnips, 18103 beans, small peas, 18104 jumbo peas, 18105 beets, okra, Swiss chard, and 18111 bits of hemp

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