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Eviscerating Table

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Eviscerating Table
Eviscerating Table. A production table providing all the accessories to make evisceration fast and efficient for up to 4 operators at low or medium volumes; for maximum performance, see the Evisc-O-Veyor. The ET4 features 2 large disposal holes for offal, 2 high-rise adjustable mist spray nozzles, and a protected drain. Each table also includes 2 TF Lung Removers complete with valves and 5 ft. hoses to loosen waste matter and flush it out with water in one operation. May be positioned against a wall, but best serves as an island with access on all sides. 59"W x 45" D x 38" H (150 cm x 107 cm x 97 cm) 200 lbs. (90 kg). Ships freight collect from factory.