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Pestchaser - set of 3 PC1000

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Box of 3 individual PC1000
Plugs directly into any 110V wall outlet for ease of use and flexibility. 90-day Money back Guarantee, 3-Year Limited Warranty. Pestchaser emits high-frequency sound waves creating an acoustically hostile environment which affected pests avoid. Scientific Field Studies show that high frequency ultrasonic sound repels rodents and fleas. Over 9,000 consumers surveyed report that PestChaser also helped with ants, spiders, roaches, crickets, bats, and other pests. Red LED light indicates PestChaser is working. Operates for less than $0.01per day. Service Life 5-7 years. Safe and inaudible to people, dogs, cats, birds, and other non-rodent pets. PC3000 covers an 3 zones area of approximately 500 square feet each or 1 area of 1500 square feet.