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Pha-zaire Wine Aeration System

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Pha-zaire Wine Aeration System

Wine Scent & Flavour Enhancer Decanter Set. Unique 3 Phase Wine Scent and Flavour Enhancer Aerator decanter set
Unique 3 Phase Process: Providing instant and maximum aeration to an entire bottle of wine. Simply insert the aerator into the decanter. Optional: To filter the sediment, place the included sediment filter into the top of Enhancer. Then pour your wine through the Three Phase process Enhancer and serve!

This unique 3 Phase Aeration set makes the perfect gift for the wine lover / connoisseur.
Set Includes:
• Double Wall Glass Wine Scent & Flavour Enhancer for Decanters
• Glass Decanter
• Stainless Steel Sediment Filter

Easy to Use:

PHASE ONE: The process begins by pouring the wine through the stainless steel filter, catching sediment while the disbursing through into the first of the double-wall flavour and scent enhancers.

PHASE TWO: The wine is gently disbursed again, this time through holes in the aerator into a specially designed globe, providing a new aeration phase.

PHASE THREE: The wine continues into the final enhancer and travels strategically out onto the side of the decanter at a rate determined to provide superior aeration and oxygenation. Finally, the wine comes to rest in the decanter ending the journey, bursting with flavour and scent. The only thing left to do is experience and enjoy your wine!

Once you have poured all of your wine through the Enhancer, remove it from the top of your decanter before serving your wine.