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Pure Kid Lipase 25 grams

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Pure Kid Lipase 25 grams for hard Italian Cheese.

Pure Kid Lipase 25 grams for hard Italian Cheese.

Lipase is an enzyme in milk that attaches itself to fat globules to
break the fat apart. This breaking or 'lipolysis' is what gives your
cheese the piquant flavour.

Lipase enhances the flavor of Italian and other specialty type
cheeses. The lipase powders are extracted from pre-gastric tongue root
glands of lambs.

Lamb lipase: This lipase adds a sharp piquant flavour to Italian cheeses such as Romano and Provolone.

Usage Levels: .5 - 1 gram per 12 gallons of milk.

Customer Reviews

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David Boardman
Great product. That delivers a great taste !!

Purchased Pure Kid Lipase to use in making my Feta. It did not disappoint. Cheese tasted delicious. I will definitely buy the product again .