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Safflower Seed - 50lb

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Safflower Seed 50lb

Safflower Seed 50lb bag.

Safflower seed is a small, white conical seed, similar to black oil sunflower seed that is high in protein and fat.

If squirrels, pigeons, blackbirds, doves and grackles crowd your
feeder and chase away the birds you want to see, you may want to try the
Seed Solution.

Blackbirds, grackles and squirrels typically find the seed unsatisfying and bitter.

We say typically, but not always. But it wouldn't hurt to try, especially as an alternative to regular sunflower seeds.

You can use it in any sunflower seed feeder or scatter it on the ground to
attract birds that normally don't like to perch on feeders such as cardinals.

Also available in a 10lb bag 700582-10

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