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Slam Genie - single pack

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No Slam Magnetic Door Stopper

The No Slam is the best door stopper available! Winner of multiple awards, the No Slam keeps your doors in place replacing wedges, rocks, bags etc.

  • Designed, tested and made of high quality materials in Canada - and excellent home improvement product
  • Extra Strong Rare Earth Magnet
  • No Chocking Hazards after installation
  • Prevents doors from closing due to wind gusts
  • Eliminates "Creeper" doors
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Sleek and small for new or replacement installs
  • Keeps
    floor area clear, no wedges, shoes, rocks or other items to stub your
    toes on and will hold doors in place with no items in front of the door
  • Stops doors slamming shut or closing on animals unintentionally by utilizing a magnetic door holder
  • Minimal metal for reduced rust in high humidity areas
  • Over 14lbs of pull force...that's more than you think!
  • Adjusts to almost every baseboard type and doubles as a magnetic door stopper
  • Wall mountable (with additional hardware)
Watch the videos to learn more!

Also available in a 3 pack.