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Sportsman Incubator Large Setting Tray

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Inc. Hatching Tray-Sportsman Incubator
Sportsman Incubator Large Setting Tray. sturdy metal construction to hold heavy eggs, this tray is used to set large eggs such as turkey, goose, peafowl, emu and ostrich. Eggs are laid on their side. For use with 1500 and 1502 setting incubators. Capacities for 1500 Professional: Ostrich - 8 eggs using two trays Emu - 36 using three trays Goose - 45 to 60 using three trays. Capacities for 1502 Sportsman: Ostrich - 6 using two trays Emu - 16 using two trays Goose - 45 to 60 using three trays.

To make this work correctly you must remove this middle frame from the 1502W or 1504W incubator. This results in having 2 rows of incubating shelf rather than 3.

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